UPDATE: With your help, we raised $775 to help Staci recover from the floods. Thanks to all the contributors – you rock!

I don’t talk about it much here, but those of you who’ve read for awhile will know that I’m also an author and the head of a small publishing company, Grey Gecko Press.

Recently, one of the artists we contract with at Grey Gecko, Staci Reed, was affected tremendously by the flooding in Colorado. And when I say affected, I mean that she lost everything in the floods when her hometown of Lyons, Colorado was wiped off the map. She’s okay, as is her puppy, fortunately, but rebuilding is going to take some doing. So everyone over at the Gecko is helping out to get her back on her feet.

666319_1379807774.1484 Have you ever completely rebuilt your home from scratch? That’s the kind of help this Gecko needs: clothes, food, furniture, even pet supplies. We have the power to help her – YOU have the power to help her – and we’re going to do some awesome stuff for this wonderful person.

Grey Gecko is giving away ebooks with every donation, up to and including the entire catalog. So not only do you get to do something great, but you get something great in return. That’s known as a win/win, folks.

So donate $5, $20, whatever you can spare. Every bit helps, and every dime raised goes directly to Staci. Plus, hey, get some awesome books in the meantime, and feel darn good about helping out one of the nicest people I know.