Back in August, I blogged about some social media propaganda posters that I’d seen on Failbook. At the time, I didn’t do my due diligence and incorrectly attributed those awesome posters to the good folks over at the Cheezburger network.

They’re great and funny and all, but they didn’t create the posters.

That was a guy by the name of Aaron Wood, who has apparently done quite a few more posters along these lines, and sells them on his Etsy page, which you should totally check out.

Here is some more of his work. He’s not just sticking to social media, either, but jumping into the iPhone/Android format wars and even riffing a bit on the Angry Birds phenomenon. Which I have no knowledge of and have certainly not spent hours upon hours playing in a quest to get 3 stars on every single level and why can’t the damn birds just go where I want them to… ahem.

Here’s the art. You should really check out Aaron’s Etsy page and buy some if you like them. I’m seriously considering getting the “Victory is Tweet” one, personally.

And then, of course, there’s this one. Which, given that I wrote this book, I have to love, by contract: