I got a notice the other day that I’d received a package at the UPS store where I get, well, packages. I was surprised, since I wasn’t expecting anything. A day or so later I got over to the store and picked up the box, and lo and behold it, was from LSC.

The saga continues, I thought. Oh boy.

Now, if you’ve read about the saga, then you’ll know that while I was receiving bad customer service, two other “trade credit” orders had been received by LSC and were in the process of being checked in. Since they ultimately told me I’d be getting a check for my returned items, I assumed they’d be converting these trade credit orders to cash as well.

No such luck. They sent them back to me. Kinda.

I got back the same number of books I sent, and there weren’t any titles I hadn’t sent, either. Additionally, all the books were in Very Fine condition or better, and all were bagged and boarded. So that was a pleasant surprise. What was not quite so pleasant was the fact that they decided to ship me several issues “back” that I’d never sent them in the first place.

I leave it to you to wonder whether the ones I got back were worth less than those I sent (meaning LSC cherry-picked the best ones out of the batches and sent me back the others). Personally, I’m tired of dealing with the whole mess, so I haven’t researched it. I have no proof, so this is merely supposition, but it wouldn’t surprise me, given the service they’ve provided thus far.

In the end, I got back the same number, they’re bagged and boarded (which, in a burst of irony, would have prevented nearly all of the problems to begin with), and in great condition. At this point, I’m ready to close the book on this company and their shoddy service.

I will say this: the whole epilogue here serves to merely reinforce my recommendation against shopping with them. Guess these comics will be hanging around for a bit longer. If, gentle reader, you’re interested in picking them up at the low, low price of “Get these damn things out of my house!”, feel free to look here for the full list.