As promised, this is the followup to my post from earlier today.

Let’s get the embarassing stuff out of the way, first:

  • Weight: 292.8 pounds
  • Neck: 19.25″
  • Chest: 49.5″
  • Stomach: 54″
  • Waist: 47.5″

I discovered that my jeans weigh two pounds by themselves tonight. Better watch that when I get on the scale. I took some shots for before and after, but even I’m not masochistic enough to want to show you (yet) and you don’t want to see it, believe me.

I’ve filmed a video of me trying the Red Rush recipe from earlier, and lemme tell ya, it only got worse from there. If I never eat another beet again, it’ll be too damned soon. I’m going to have to mix the other two batches with something really sweet to cut that taste. Blech!

The Mean Green recipe wasn’t much better. I think I’ll have to add some more apples or ginger or who knows what to sweeten that up, too. It’s not like I can add cheese or butter or whatever else you can do to vegetables to make them taste okay.

Day One is done. My stomach thinks my throat’s been cut, and I would at least contemplate serious bodily harm against someone who came near me with a cheeseburger.