1. How does your rating system work for books/movies/tv shows?

I unabashedly stole my rating system from Netflix. I use a 5-star system, and only very rarely give out a .5 star. The details are:

1 star: Hated it. Whatever this was, it was so atrociously bad that nothing could redeem it. There were so many problems that not even the best writing, cinematography, etc could get past the general awfulness of the work. We’re talking Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalow bad, here. And no, I won’t even link to that.

2 stars: Didn’t like it. This was bad, but not unspeakably bad. Lots of things I didn’t like, but had at least some redeeming qualities, even if they’re so few and far between that it can’t raise the overall quality very high. Europa is a good example of this: it had a great premise (who wouldn’t at least be interested in an undersea mining operation on Europa being taken over by pirates?), but failed miserably in its execution. Battlefield Earth is another example. I really enjoyed the source material, and seeing a very minute amount of that come to visual life was cool.

3 stars: It was ok. I use this for stuff that I probably wouldn’t watch/read again anytime soon, and certainly wouldn’t buy. Too many things to overlook to get into the story, too many plot holes, whatever. Enough that it was just meh.

4 stars: Really liked it. I thought this was real high-quality, but it did have some flaws that made me dock it from the full five. Examples would include: story inconsistencies, ok special effects, one or two “wait, what?” sort of moments. These are definitely worth buying.

5 stars: Loved it! Perfect, or very nearly so. Only one or two very minor things popped up that bothered me, or none. This could also be something that had some bigger flaws, but the rest of it was so awesome it made up for the lack.  Avatar is a good example of this.

2. Why do you review so many movies?

Because I love movies.

3. Why do you only give 3 stars and up for movies?

I write fairly in-depth reviews and take copious notes for them. I’m not going to do that for movies I don’t like very much. That’s a waste of my time and yours.